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[Under Construction]USE104 Encoder for PC104 systems

Universal Software Configurable Encoder with macro capability

Users can program the encoder to work with keypads with any layout and assign arbitrary key codes or MACROs(a sequence of characters); up to 8 macros per key.


Any PC104 system such as:

  • Electronic controls
  • Electronic instruments
  • Point-of-sale terminals
  • Custom keyboards


    • Works as PC/AT, PC/XT, or RS232 encoder. Produces "Make" and "Break" codes for PC interface, "Make" codes for RS232.
    • Provides up to eight macros per key.
    • Supports non-standard upper-shift and lower-shift combinations.
    • Programmable through keyboard port.
    • All interface parameters (keypad pinout, typematic period, key codes, macros) are stored in EEPROM and can be changed any time.
    • Can operate in parallel with standard keyboard or another encoder.
    • More than one keypad can be connected to USE104.
    • Supports switch matrices with dimensions from 1x23 to 12x12 - up to 144 keys.
    • Optional buzzer provides audio feedback.
    Power supply voltage 5 V DC @ 25mA(typ)
    Buzzer (opt.) power 5 V or external (jumper selectable)
    RS 232 commun. parameters 300 to 19200 Baud, 8 bit, no parity
    Keypad connector 25x2 right-angle header, 25 mils sq., 100 mils spacing
    Interface connectors 2x5 straight header and two 5-pin DIN connectors (std), DB9 connectors (opt.)
    Operating temperature 0 degrees to 60 degrees C
    Size PC104 form factor

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