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Controllers and DC Switchgear Protection Relays

  • MPR-VG, MPRE32-VG8
  • Integrated Modular Controller IMC2010
    Performs all the tasks of a power converter's control system
  • "Cabinet level" IMC2010 controller
  • Keyboard Encoders

  • Multi Macro Encoder USE150
    Interfaces any keypad to PC/AT or RS232.
    Provides up to 8 Macros per key
  • PC104 Encoder USE104
    All capabilities of USE150 in PC104 format
  • Keyboard encoder USE145
    Programmable encoder for less demanding applications
  • Miniterminals

  • Programmable Miniterminal UNT2
    A combination of programmable keypad encoder, LED driver and interface to an LCD display. Up to 64 keys, up to 16 LEDs and any LCD with up to 4x40 characters
  • Programmable Miniterminal UNT1
    Older version of UNT2. Up to 64 keys, up to 10 LED's and 4x20 alphanumeric LCD (Hantronix HD20416 or compatible)
  • Instrumentation

  • Dual Channel Isolation Amplifier ISO2
    High precision isolation amplifier with 5kV input/output voltage. Can be used as hunt amplifier or voltage sensor.
  • Fiber Optic Voltage Sensor ICC2000VS
    Signal powered sensor with frequency modulated light output. Designed for voltage sensing across SCRs in high voltage converters.
  • High Voltage Differential Amplifier ICC102VS
    High speed high voltage (up to 10 kV pk) amplifier with built in peak detector and both voltage and fiber optic output.
  • 25 kA Hall effect sensor NGD-CS
  • Fiber Optic Measurements System ADTS200/210

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