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[Under Construction]USE150

Universal Software Configurable Encoder with macro capability

Users can program the encoder to work with keypads with any layout and assign arbitrary key codes or MACROs(a sequence of characters); up to 8 macros per key.


  • Electronic controls
  • Electronic instruments
  • Point-of-sale terminals
  • Custom keyboards



  • Works as PC/AT, PC/XT, or RS232 encoder. Produces "Make" and "Break" codes for PC interface, "Make" codes for RS232.
  • Provides up to three macros per key.
  • Supports non-standard upper-shift and lower-shift combinations.
  • Programmable through keyboard port.
  • All interface parameters (keypad pinout, typematic period, key codes, macros) are stored in EEPROM and can be changed any time.
  • Can operate in parallel with standard keyboard or another encoder.
  • More than one keypad can be connected to USE150.
  • Supports switch matrices with dimensions from 1x23 to 12x12 - up to 144 keys.
  • Optional buzzer provides audio feedback.
Power supply voltage 5 V DC @ 25mA(typ)
Buzzer (opt.) power 5 V or external (jumper selectable)
RS 232 commun. parameters 300 to 19200 Baud, 8 bit, no parity
Keypad connector 25x2 right-angle header, 25 mils sq., 100 mils spacing
Interface connectors 2x5 straight header and two 5-pin DIN connectors (std), DB9 connectors (opt.)
Operating temperature 0 degrees to 60 degrees C
Size 2.5" x 3.6"

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