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VG Controls is an electronics development and manufacturing company. We had been involved in the conception, design and implementation of special purpose electronic systems in a variety of application areas for traction systems, including power converter control circuitry, protective relays, instrumentation and man-machine interface. We have both standard and custom products in those areas.

VG Controls has a broad background of product and system engineering experience in a traction applications. Our innovative technical solutions incorporate a wide range of design, verification, and implementation tools and techniques.

Among our customers are transportation authorities both in the USA and overseas:

  • BART, San Francisco, CA
  • WMATA, Washington DC
  • DART, Dallas, TX
  • MetroNorth, New York, NY
  • LIRR, New York, NY
  • Chicago
  • Baltimore
  • Philadelphia
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Beijing, China
  • Chongchin, China

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17 Raritan Rd., Oakland, NJ 07436
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