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VG Controls offers integrated controllers for traction power converters. They are based on high performance RISC microcontrollers and perform all control functions in the software thus simplifying hardware and improving reliability.

Features Benefits
  • 32 bit RISC microcontroller
  • All functions performed digitally in software, dedicated hardware eliminated with corresponding improvements in cost, size and reliability
  • High speed data acquisition
  • Vast memory
  • Even the fast transients and harmonics are captured by the system. This information is used for troubleshooting, measurements and regulation.
  • Modular architecture
  • The system can be easily tailored to customer requirements optimizing the cost and other parameters
  • Distributed remote I/O
  • The remote I/O boards can be placed near the signal entries, thus reducing the cost of wiring and maintenance

Typical Applications

Integrated Converter Controller ICC2010

Performs all the tasks of a power converter's control system: firing pulses generation for up to 12 phases; regulation; AC and DC measurement ; AC and DC protection; alarm annunciation and Programmable Logic controller (PLC) functions
  • Advanced communication and debugging facilities
  • Modular design for scaling up/down
  • IEC1131 compatible soft PLC built-in
  • Different optional man-machine interfaces and peripheral boards
  • ICC2010 can be used by itself or together with additional peripheral boards.

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