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[Under Construction]Integrated Modular Controller IMC2010

Performs measurement, control, protection, alarm logging, display functions and communication with other systems to assure safe operation of power converter


  • Built in PLC
  • Built in Alarm Anunciator
  • Built in AC/DC metering
  • Built in AC/DC protection
  • Built in “oscilloscope”
  • Remote programming
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Easy Applic. Engineering
  • Expandable
  • Small size
  • All functions are performed within one package, resulting in simplified wiring and troubleshooting
  • Low initial cost
  • Low start up cost
  • Low maintenance cost
  • No service calls required - all troubleshooting and upgrades can be done over the phone

IMC2010 can be used by itself or together with additional peripheral boards to build a "cabinet level" controller.

VG Controls offers the following compatible boards presently:
  • Input Isolation Amplifiers
    8 channels direct interface between PTs /CTs and IMC2010.
  • Output Pulse Amplifiers
    12 channels output drivers for pulse amplifiers.
  • Man-Machine Interface
    IMC2010 can be connected to a variety of MMI, from a handheld terminal to a networkable ICC2010
  • Remote I/O boards provide interface with digital I/O, RTDs, slow analog signal, etc. They communicate via serial channel using either fiber optic cable, RS232 or RS485

Coming soon:


System Architecture


Scalable hardware and software



32 bit RISC processor


4 MB



16 MB

Standard SIMM module



Nonvolatile memory with clock

Signal processing


Simple parameters configuration

High speed inputs


13 bits, 0 to 5 VDC

Firing pulses

12 channels




Graphical LCD with cold cathode back light

User interface


Set of pull down menus and parameter screens

Parameters security

6 levels

Both screens and menus can be protected as well as individual parameters

Alarm log

Built in

100 entries, nonvolatile

Communication ports


Subboard configurable: Plastic or glass fiber, RS 232, RS 485.

Communication protocols

internal / external

proprietary / Z-modem, Modbus

Remote troubleshooting

over modem

built in "SoftScope"

Remote programming

over modem

the program is stored in Flash EEPROM

Size 8" x 11"  
Power 110 V AC or DC  

Built-in Programmable Logic Controller

Cycle time

16 to 32 msec

Input/Output connection is done
through remote I/O boards via
fiber optic serial link

Digital Inputs

16 to1024

Analog Inputs

8 to 512

Frequency inputs

up to 500 kHz

Digital outputs

16 to1024

Analog outputs

8 to 512

Internal variables

up to 1000

programming languages

5, IEC 1131-3 compliant

ladder diagram, functional blocks, sequential charts, structural text, instruction language

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