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[Under Construction]Cabinet level controller based on IMC2010

Performs measurement, control, protection, alarm logging, display functions and communication with other systems to assure safe operation of power converter


  • Built in PLC
  • Built in Alarm Anunciator
  • Built in AC/DC metering
  • Built in AC/DC protection
  • Built in “oscilloscope”
  • Remote programming
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Easy Applic. Engineering
  • Expandable
  • Small size
  • All functions are performed within one package, resulting in simplified wiring and troubleshooting
  • Low initial cost
  • Low start up cost
  • Low maintenance cost
  • No service calls required - all troubleshooting and upgrades can be done over the phone


VG Controls offers the following boards be used with IMC2010:
  • Input Isolation Amplifiers
    8 channels direct interface between PTs /CTs and IMC2010.
  • Output Pulse Amplifiers
    12 channels output drivers for pulse amplifiers.
  • Man-Machine Interface
    IMC2010 can be connected to a variety of MMI, from a handheld terminal to a networkable ICC2010
  • Remote I/O boards provide interface with digital I/O, RTDs, slow analog signal, etc. They communicate via serial channel using either fiber optic cable, RS232 or RS485

Additional peripheral boards are coming soon:

Parameters of "cabinet level" IMC2010 controller

System Architecture


Scalable hardware and software



32 bit RISC processor


4 MB



16 MB

Standard SIMM module



Nonvolatile memory with clock

Signal processing


Simple parameters configuration

High speed inputs


PTs/CTs, 13 bits direct interface 200 mV to 200 V or 5A AC/DC

Firing pulses

12 channels

Short circuit protected, up to 100V, 6 A pk



Graphical LCD with cold cathode back light

User interface


Set of pull down menus and parameter screens

Parameters security

6 levels

Both screens and menus can be protected as well as individual parameters

Alarm log

Built in

100 entries, nonvolatile


30" x 40" x 12"

NEMA 4X Fiberglass enclosure


Communication ports


Subboard configurable: Plastic or glass fiber, RS 232, RS 485.

Communication protocols

internal / external

proprietary / Z-modem, Modbus

Remote troubleshooting

over modem

built in "SoftScope"

Remote programming

over modem

the program is stored in Flash EEPROM

Built in PLC

Cycle time

16 to 32 msec

Digital Inputs

16 to1024

24 to 220V AC or DC, expandable in increments of 16 to 1024

Analog Inputs

8 to 512

0-5 V DC, 8 bits, expandable in increments of 16 to 512

Frequency inputs

up to 500 kHz


Internal variables

up to 1000

Digital outputs

16 to1024

0 to 220 V AC/DC, 0 to 3 A , expandable in increments of 16 to 1024

Analog outputs

8 to 512

+/- 10V /5 mA DC, 12 bits , expandable in increm. of 16 to 512

programming languages

5,IEC 1131-3 compliant

ladder diagram, functional blocks, sequential charts, structural text, instruction language

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