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Mini Terminals

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VG Controls offers a family of miniterminals UNT2 and UNT1. They are RS232 devices which interface directly with a keypad, alphanumeric display and LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). UNTs are powered up by +5 VDC and provide true RS232 compatibility.

Features Benefits
  • Programmable, all data are stored in EEPROM
  • No set up charge
  • Can be upgraded in the field
  • Can be adapted for modified product
  • Same unit can be used for diff. products
  • Programmable matrix
  • Programmable keycodes
  • Can work with any keypad up to 64 keys
  • Can emulate different terminals
  • Interfaces with any LCD and some vacuum florescent display (UNT2 only)
  • Operator interface can be tailored to an application
  • Interface for LED built in, 16 LEDs for UNT2, 10 for UNT1
  • No special circuitry for status light
  • LED outputs can control other devices - relays, buzzers, etc.

Typical Applications

Programmable Miniterminal UNT2
A combination of programmable keypad encoder, LED driver and interface to an LCD display.
  • Up to 64 keys
  • Up to 16 LED
  • Any alphanumeric LCD with up to 4x40 characters or compatible VFD
Programmable Miniterminal UNT1
Older version of UNT2.
  • Up to 64 keys
  • Up to 10 LED
  • 4x20 alphanumeric LCD (Hantronix HD20416 or compatible)

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